October 26, 2018

Halloween, a celebration observed all over the country on the 31st of October, is one of the many events where people dress up, do trick-or-treat, attend parties, and other festivities. Also a yearly tradition in Sunwest Group Holding Company, Inc., this year, the company conducted a “Spooktacular” Halloween Party for its employees last October 26, 2018.

The Halloween Party also gave a chance to employees to express their creativity in designing their office with a particular theme and dressing up as their favorite character from a movie and/or TV show.

Each department participated in this year’s interdepartmental styling competition, wherein, they will be decorating their respective areas using recycled materials. The Human Resources Department has assigned which departments will be joining forces and their respective areas. They also announced that there will be a Costume Competition for all employees, including their children.

The criteria for Best Department Decoration are as follows:
• Creativity (30%)
• Costumes (50%)
• Teamwork (20%)

The coveted prizes for the department and for the people who stood out among the rest:
• Best in Halloween Decoration (Dept.)
           1st Prize: Php 2,500
           2nd Prize: Php 1,500
           3rd Prize: Php 1,000
• Best in Costume
           Male: Php 1,000
           Female: Php 1,000
           Kid Boy: Php 500
           Kid Girl: Php 500

It was a tough decision for the judges, Ms. Jocelyn Reyes and Ms. Zchaira Mingoa, from One Touch Communications, to choose the winners. It was a close fight between the first and second places and they needed Mr. Dondon Gila, also from One Touch Communications, to break the tie.

3rd Place: Finance & External Affairs and Relations Department
2nd Place: Audit Department
1st Place: Human Resources & Admin Department

The kids enjoyed the short program prepared by Mr. Reginald Adoremos. They also visited each department to check out their Halloween decorations and hopefully bring home some candy.

Kyle Chloe M. Lising and John Axel Ornido won the Best in Costume for Kid Girl and Kid Boy, respectively.

With such exquisite makeup, Ms. Camille Toralba and Mr. Philip Borasca of the Purchasing Department won the Best in Costume for Male and Female.