February 14, 2019

As the morning break, people are starting their day with a smile and gifts for their special someone. Well, of course, Sunwest Group Holding Company Inc., (SGHCI) also expresses their love towards their employees this romantic day as well.

Resources Department (HRD) giving out gifts to the employees of each department. They handed roses for the ladies, and chocolates for the gentlemen.

They also gave Ferrero gift bags for the male Executives while Ferrero gift bag with a rose for the female Executives. The day indeed started with a sweet smile and soothing greetings from one another, but the day has just started.

As part of the celebration, the HRD prepared a short program with games and prizes for the employees. Everyone gathered and became enthusiastic about what might happen. The HRD formed a heart-shaped rose petals on the ground that surely set the mood for Valentines. They even put up a freedom wall in the lobby where you can write and vent out your feelings for someone or something.

The program started with games that everyone enjoyed. First are our all-time favorite and never absent game at birthday parties, Trips to Jerusalem. The mechanics, 5 pairs will compete until only one pair remain. But there’s a twist, the couple has to stick together and when the music stops, it would be the ladies who need to carry the guys. The winners of this game were Mr. Benjie Dayo from the Chairman of the Board (COB) Department and Ms. Chloe Ann Lanzado of Audit Department. Both of them received a gift certificate.

Another game is Paper Relay, five guys and girls have to compete. The mechanics, each player of the group has to use their lips to pass the paper to the next. More like a kiss, actually, but only a paper between the lips. Sounds awkward? Not for the girls, passing the paper from their lips to the next one is a piece of cake, but the boys, they can’t even pass the paper from the first person to the second. Of course, the ladies won effortlessly. These ladies received a gift certificate as a prize as well.

The main event of the program is the search for Mr. and Ms. Valentine. The mechanics are very simple. Each employee will get 2 paper hearts. Then they will give one heart to a girl and the other one to a guy, more like a voting contest. Once everyone is done, In photo: Mr. Dayo (L) and Ms. Lanzado (R) pose with the Starbucks gift check they received as a prize. it’s time to count who received the most hearts. Every employee who receives a heart lined up and the counting begin.

Mr. Valentine was grabbed by Mr. Aljon Victoria of Purchasing Department. Ms. Judy Ann De Padua of the same department was awarded as Ms. Valentine. Everyone is cheering them, especially their friends in their department. Ms. De Padua receives a bouquet of flowers and Mr. Victoria received a gift certificate.

The program ended in an hour and the employees who attended surely enjoyed the simple program. The prizes made the participants more competitive and made the games fun and wild. But winner or not, events like this are another way for employee camaraderie.