CEO Elizaldy S. Co’s New Year Message for Sunwest Employees

January 01, 2019

The year 2018 has been a rewarding year for Sunwest Group Holding Company, Inc. We have encountered a number of successes as well as a number of failures. Regardless, we continue to strive harder and continue to focus on our goals.

Throughout the year, I have recognized your hard work and passion to make a growing company like Sunwest achieve a lot of milestones. My wife and I appreciate all your remarkable efforts to make Sunwest as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. We are not just colleagues here; we are a family.

This year, I hope that every one of us will continue to flourish with new ideas, new energy, and new opportunities. With your determination and dedication, we will welcome new challenges with our heads held high and hearts focused on succeeding.

May we continue to uphold Sunwest’s principles and accomplish all of our goals this new year.

I wish nothing but greatness for Sunwest. Happy New Year to you all!